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Free nature smileys, nature emoticons by SweetIM to use in email messages, forums, blogs or websites. Page 4

the happy sunflower
Rated: 5 (3 votes) 5   Copied: 659 times 659   Favorited: 57 times 57
The Happy Sunflower Smiley Face, Emoticon
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earth in good hands
Rated: 3 (2 votes) 3   Copied: 43 times 43   Favorited: 25 times 25
Earth In Good Hands Smiley Face, Emoticon
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the hungry pig
Rated: 4 (2 votes) 4   Copied: 172 times 172   Favorited: 30 times 30
The Hungry Pig Smiley Face, Emoticon
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the green frog
Rated: 3.5 (2 votes) 3.5   Copied: 72 times 72   Favorited: 22 times 22
The Green Frog Smiley Face, Emoticon
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go hybrid car
Rated: 3.5 (3 votes) 3.5   Copied: 50 times 50   Favorited: 10 times 10
Go Hybrid Car Smiley Face, Emoticon
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the bouncing mushroom
Rated: 4.5 (2 votes) 4.5   Copied: 41 times 41   Favorited: 8 times 8
The Bouncing Mushroom Smiley Face, Emoticon
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Collection of nature smileys, nature emoticons by SweetIM. These smileys, emoticons are fully compatible with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Outlook and other web based email clients. Please make sure your email service supports HTML email.

Click button Copy To Clipboard now and press Ctrl-V (or Command-V if using Mac) to paste your selected smiley/emoticon to email documents, blogs or websites

One of the most exciting features of is the My Favorite feature. This feature allows users to save smileys to Favorite Place for quick and easy access in the future. Even this rare feature does not require log in or registration.

How It Works
To use these smileys & emoticons in your email messages, following these steps:
Step 1: Browse thousand of smileys by selecting categories below
Step 2: Pick smiley you like, then click Copy To Clipboard button
Step 3: Insert cursor to email textbox editor, then press Ctrl-V (or Command-V if you're using Mac)
Click thumbnail image for more options: Rate, Add/Remove Favorite, Copy BBCode to use smiley/emoticon in forum or Download smileys to computer
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